Interview with the firm’s partner, Wenceslao Gracia, by the editorial team of the Zaragoza Chamber of Commerce
15 julio, 2020
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Gracia Carabantes Law Firm wishes you Happy Season & Happy New Year

In Gracia Carabantes Law Firm, traditionally, we take advantage of these dates to send a paper Christmas card, commercialized by some NGO, to the people we love and, if work and family occupations allow us, we include some handwritten note, transferring our greetings to clients and collaborators, and wishing them all the best for the following year. However, in these complex times, in which so many things have changed, we must adapt to the circumstances, and reduce as much as possible both travel, meetings and movements of people. . . including the visit of the postman, who in normal conditions would now be delivering our Christmas.

For this reason, for the first time in the history of our firm (which will be 50 years next year), we have preferred to spread our best wishes for these days and for 2021 telematically, and to use the amount we normally invest in traditional greetings for charity.
Therefore, on behalf of the whole firm GRACIA CARABANTES LAW FIRM, we wish our clients, collaborators, friends and supporters the best Christmas possible in spite of the current circumstances, and a HAPPY 2021.

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