Gracia Carabantes Abogados

Law Firm with more than 50 years of experience offering the best legal advice for your situation.


Our Firm was founded in 1971 by Mr. Francisco Gracia Carabantes, senior partner who nowadays is still practicing as attorney and counsellor. After few years managing most of juridical areas, the Firm was specialised on Commercial and Civil Law, overall related with companies' advice, and becoming one of the best considered Legal offices in Zaragoza and its area.

Although the Firm has its main offices in Zaragoza, in 2014 we opened a new branch in Madrid, in Paseo de la Castellana, one of the most exclusive areas of the capital of Spain. Our Firm develops its activities in Zaragoza in a building exclusively used by us, in the city’s business centre.
Since 1985 the Firm has had a minimum of 5 Lawyers (currently 6) and several paralegals.


Our clients are mostly companies, but also private clients and NGO.

Therefore we advise clients with maximum attention and interest all over Spain, and also abroad, as some of they are Spanish companies doing business in South America, China, Russia, etc.... Besides, we counsel foreign companies and private clients with interest in Spain.

We are allowed to, and we practice all over the country, including Seville, Malaga, Alicante, Madrid, Barcelona, Bilbao, Mallorca, Valladolid, and so on.


Our main purpose is to solve clients' problems, and offer them the best possible advice, at a reasonable cost, trying to avoid unnecessary trials. We try to prevent clients from all the problems that might arise, and maybe thanks to this responsibility and interest we have kept clients who started working with us more than 35 years ago.

Pro Bono

All the Attorneys of Gracia Carabantes spend at least three years (usually more) defending pro bono clients in Civil and Criminal subjects, appointed in a voluntary service by Zaragoza Bar Association.
We also defend some other pro bono clients, depending on their personal situation (migrants), when asking for our legal advice.

We cooperate with NGO, not only economically, but also offering them legal advice with special conditions. Every year Gracia Carabantes prepares Law students from Zaragoza School of Law, during their practices, and we also teach students from the Law Practice School of Zaragoza Bar Association. Not only our lawyers are speakers in several acts of Zaragoza Bar Association, but also invited by others professionals Associations.

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Main Partners

Francisco Gracia Carabantes

Attorney. Main Partner.

+34 976 238 334

Academic merits
Graduated in law at the University of Zaragoza in 1971. Since then, Francisco has been member of Zaragoza Bar Association (membership no. 965 of R. e I.), and he is also Member of Huesca Bar Association (membership no. 91). He is allowed to practice in any Court of Spain. Ex-professor at the School of Law of Zaragoza's University. Teacher of Practicum at Zaragoza School of Law.
Senior partner, Specialized in Civil matters, Mercantile, Liquidation, Economic Fraud, Company Law, Real State, Unfair Competition, Data Protection, Non-profitable Organizations, Mergers, named by Courts to act as Administrator of companies on bankruptcy. Defense and representation in law courts. Litigation and defense in Courts of Law.
Experience and achievements
He has practiced as Arbitrator, Counsel, Attorney, Secretary of Boards of Directors, and, when necessary, litigant, for a period of 40 years.
He has advised with success clients involved in divorces over 5.000.000'00 €, construction claims over 2.000.000'00 €, Inheritance disputes over 14.000.000'00 €...
Francisco has been appointed by Courts to be Administrator in Bankruptcies whose budgets are circa 70.000.000'00 €, and he is also giving advise se to clients with similar insolvency problems, in negotiations with their creditors, or in their Insolvency Process.
He has claimed against Banks for contractual damages, involving 400.000'00 €.

Wenceslao Gracia Zubiri

Attorney. Main partner.
Spanish, English, French and German.

+34 976 238 334

Academic merits

Graduated in law at the University of Zaragoza in 1997. Wences is member of the Zaragoza Bar Association, since 1997. He is allowed to practice in any Court of Spain and he´s responsible of Madrid´s branch. He is the Delegate in Aragon of the French-Spanish Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Wences has been Member of the International Lawyers Association (UIA), is member the American Bar Association (ABA), and the Young Arbitrators Forum, among others.

He attends several International meetings every year, where he meets some of the best skilled colleagues from different countries. He was selected by the ICEX (Foreign Ministry) and the Spanish General Bar Association to represent Spain in the Spanish-New York Law Firms Forum held in December 2012.

He has attended the ABA SIL meetings of 2013, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019, and the UIA´s Congress of 2015 and 2016.

He speaks fluent Spanish, English and French, and also basic German.

Specialized in Civil matters, Civil and Trade Contracts, Mercantile, Liquidation, Economic Fraud, White Collar crimes, Corporate, Company Law, Real State, Unfair Competition, Data Protection, Non-profitable Organizations, Mergers, Succession, Inheritances, Secretary of Boards of Directors, appointed by Courts to act as Administrator of companies on bankruptcy. Defense and representation in law courts.
Experience and achievements
  • Arbitrator of the Madrid and Aragón Arbitration Courts of the Chambers of Commerce.
  • He has sued successfully against Banks, about contractual damages over 150.000 €
  • He has advised clients in a 164 house building projects; he has defended a NGO against a 1 million € over construction of contractual claim, and in a 7 million € building project.
  • He has sued foreign companies, under International Law, claiming damages over 200.000 €.
  • He dealt with success a 4 million € unfair claim defending an Automotive Distributor against a Big Automotive Producer.
  • He has taken part in Arbitration process to solve partners’ disputes involving 2,3 million €; and has prepared contracts and agreements about commercial relationships close to 12 million €.
  • He has advised foreign companies in the acquisition of Spanish companies.
  • He advises Spanish companies in their exports and investments abroad, collaborating with lawyers from other countries.
  • Wences has been appointed by Courts as Bankruptcy Trustee of company with debts over 12 million €, he advises companies in their Bankruptcy process involving 100 million €, and he has settled agreements with Banks about 4 million €.
  • He has been the lawyer of the Spanish Olympic Shooting Federation in its bankruptcy process, obtaining the agreement of the creditors to avoid the liquidation of the Federation, and to solve the insolvency process in less than 8 months (information published by the client itself and not subject to professional secrecy).
  • He advises not only Spanish companies, with budgets over 50 million €, but also foreign clients (US companies, German, Indian, Chinese, USA, Polish, English, French …) on investments or litigations in Spain. As part of his international practice, he advises and recommends his Spanish clients when looking for foreign Lawyers.
  • He has collaborated in the Spanish part of Professor Nikolaus Pitkowitz's book Handbook on Third-Party Funding in International Arbitration.

Estanislao Gracia Zubiri

Attorney. Main partner.
Spanish, English and French.

+34 976 238 334

Academic merits
Graduated in law at the University of Zaragoza in 2001. Estanis has been member of the Zaragoza Bar Association, since 2001 with the membership no. 4469. He is allowed to practice in any Court of Spain.
Lawyer specializing in Civil and Commercial Law, in insolvencies and liquidation of companies, contracts, Economic Criminal Law, Corporate Law, Real Estate Law, Unfair Competition, Trademark Law, Non-Profit Organizations, Mergers, Bankruptcy Administration, Construction Law, Environmental Law. Tenders and administrative contracts. Associative and Sports Law. Sanctioner Law.
Experience and achievements
  • Estanis has defended successfully one of the biggest construction companies in Spain, in several procedures, some of the over 1.500.000’00 €.
  • He has taken part in arbitrations against public companies, obtained with credits awards of 1.000.000’00 of extra costs in building process for his clients.
  • He has sued City Councils, obtained contractual increases for his client, a public transport company.
  • He has intervened in litigation against City Councils and against the National Government, in relation to public contracts.
  • He has intervened in the drafting of international contracts of more than 50 million euros.
  • Estanis also defends companies in White collar criminal process.
  • He defended successfully a foreign Government, sued in Spain by the constructor of its Pavilion in Zaragoza International Expo 2008, who tried to triple the initial budget up to 1,5 €.
  • He was appointed by Zaragoza Court, as Bankruptcy Administrator of a Company, whose Manager was finally declared responsible for the company debts due to Estanis investigation and reports.

Associated attorneys

Pablo Ojeda Baños

Associate attorney.
Spanish, English and French.

Academic merits

Graduated in Law at the University of Zaragoza in 2013. Masters of Law in Corporate Legal Advice at IE Law School (Madrid) in 2014. Member of the Zaragoza Bar Association.

He has also attended several legal courses in different areas such as Corporate Law, Tax Law, Immigration Law or Mediation.


Specialized in Civil matters, Commercial and Corporate Law, Banking Law, Insurance Law and Economic Criminal Law.

Defense and representation in Law Courts and arbitration proceedings.

Experience and achievements

Before joining Gracia Carabantes in 2015 he worked in the Legal Department of Banco Santander (Private Banking area).

  • He has successfully has sued successfully against banks, about contractual damages and compensations over 50.000’00 €. Besides, he has represented a multitude of consumers in claims and foreclosures enforced by the banks, getting their file.
  • He has advised clients in cases of corporate disputes, resolving them by reaching out-of-court agreements allowing the company to continue with its activity.
  • He has sued on behalf of a wine cellar exercising action against a foreign distributor company in a claim of 65,000 euros.
  • He has filed actions for the division of a common thing, concerning businesses as wine cellars.
  • It has obtained the restitution by banking entities of the money paid on account of the price for the acquisition of houses whose real estate developments were not successful and the promoter was insolvent.
  • He has successfully sued legal actions against insurers claiming compensation from civil liability policies.
  • It has managed to execute foreign judicial resolutions in Spanish courts for more than 1 million euros.
  • He frequently publishes legal articles in blogs and legal magazines such as ‘Hay Derecho’ or ‘El Notario del Siglo XXI’.

Alejandro Benito García

Associate attorney.
Spanish and English

Academic merits

Graduated in Law at the University of Saragossa in 2015. In addition to this, Alejandro also has two Master Degrees: the Master in Legal Practice at the University of Saragossa in 2016 and the Master in Advocacy at the University of Saragossa in 2017. He successfully passed the Advocacy Examination of the Ministry of Justice in 2018 and he is a member of the Zaragoza Bar Association, with number 6.858. Therefore, he is allowed to practice in any Court of Spain.


Alejandro practices Civil Law, including quantity claims, urban leases, claims against banks, evictions, Real Estate, family, divorce, reconciliations, and inheritances. He has profound experience and practices Criminal Law, focusing in frauds, injuries. Lastly, he also has deep knowledge in Public Law, specializing in applying for licenses and economic penalties, sanctions and taxes. His practice includes general advise and litigation.

Experience and achievements

  • He handled inheritances with more than fifteen real estates.
  • He interfered in many proceedings of bankruptcy with physical persons. (Second Chance Law) which some of them involved liability furthermore of 500.000€.
  • He acted in proceedings of arrest of ships (embargo).
  • He advised co-owners for proceedings against a neighbor.
  • He intervened in civil proceedings of property division for 500.000€. He defended entrepreneurs in judicial proceedings of complaint of debt.
  • He acted in front of tribunals of big cities like Madrid, Barcelona, Valence or Saragossa as well as little cities like Logroño Gerona, Tarazona or Alcañiz.

Beatriz Enciso Bellod

Associate attorney.
Spanish and English

Academic merits

Law degree and awarded with the ninth best academic record. Faculty of Law, University of Zaragoza.

Corporate Law Masters in Centro de Estudios Garrigues (2014-2015).

Legal courses in different areas ("Internet Law, New Technologies and Intellectual Property, INESEM Business School, 2017", "Public Procurement, ISDE, 2018") ...

Experience and achievements

Over these years of professional practice, Beatriz has had the opportunity to work in a firm where she provided legal counselling, defence and representation before the Courts. She later went on with her professional career in the business sector completing her training with a Corporate Law Masters in Centro de Estudios Garrigues in order to acquire a wider professional projection.

Towards the completion of her course, Beatriz began working in Clear Channel in June, 2015, where she acquired 3 years corporate legal experience being part of a multidisciplinary team. This has given her the chance to become acquainted with the inner workings of an international company through different departments and dealing with professionals from different fields.

Gracia Carabantes Law Firm (July 2018 –present):.

  • Providing legal advice to small, medium sized and large companies companies (Corporate Law and International Transactions, Contentious-Administrative Procedures, Intellectual and Industrial Property (Trademarks and Patents).
  • Providing external legal advice to companies about the implementation of compliance measures..
  • Review and drafting of civil and corporate contracts.
  • Civil procedures (money claims).
  • Consumer Law (procedures before administrative authorities and civil courts for violation of consumer rights)..
  • Legal advice to companies on the application of extraterritorial sanctions and their effects (e.g.: tariffs imposed on European products, Helms-Burton Law) through the cooperation with US law firms specialized in this field.